Ruff Stuff Steel Diff Covers

$115.00 $109.25

Welded Steel Diff Covers

These differential covers are made from 1 piece Plate steel cap 3/8" (.375") bent 8 ways (except the Land Cruiser cover) then welded to a 3/8" ring (D44,D60,Sterling, & AAM), or 1/2" ring (D30, D35, F8.8, C8.25)! The Land Cruiser Diff Cover is made from 1/4" steel, which due to the round design, is stronger than 3/8". The fill plug is a generous 1" ID for easy fill and oil level check.  After welding the mounting surface is machined absolutely flat for a perfect fit! 

These are for a fully welded Diff Cover, ready to plug & play!