MORE Rear Traction Bar

$275.99 $269.99

  • Fits 1976 to 1995 YJ Wrangler and CJ7
  • Bare steel
  • Hardware included
  • Welding required
Have you got a Jeep® CJ or YJ with the rear leaf Springs Over the Axle (S.O.A.), and the rear spring wrap is causing problems? We have the answer for you. This H.D. Traction Bar will prevent all spring wrap, without limiting travel or flexibility. The Johnny Joint® mounted shackle attaches to the transfer case cross member and converts the twisting forces of the axle into up and down motion at the front of the Traction Bar. The shackle at the front of the bar allows the axle-traction bar to move fore and aft, but does not al-low the up and down motion that the axle wants to create. Thus, no more spring wrap! Comes with axle mounting brackets that must be welded on the axle housing.