Corbeau CR1 Reclining Seat (Pair)

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Sold as a Pair Only

The Corbeau Reclining Seats was designed for the off road enthusiasts who still want the comfort of a daily driver and the safety of racing and suspension seats.  Corbeau has integrated their state-of-the-art reclining technology in these seats and with expertise on comfort and our experience with reclining performance seats is what makes Corbeau Reclining Seats the one of the most advanced reclining seat on the market today.

The acclaimed CR1 provides drivers with the latest in look, comfort, durability, and style. Standard features include: high-density injection molded foam, ergonomic design, harness belt capability, integrated shoulder, kidney and thigh support, leatherette high wear patches, and a fully adjustable seat back with a flip forward fingertip controlled lever for rear access. The CR1 will fit up to a 36" waist, while the Wide version will fit up to a 40" waist. Special adapter brackets maybe required.

*Wide version is only available in Black